Sunday, January 11, 2015

A month....January 8

It is kind of hard to believe that Weeman has been with us just over a month. January 8 was a month. He did so well with our family in China. He was eating well, sleeping well, playing well and having a smooth transition into our family. Now that we are home and settling in, he seems to be more restless. He is having night terrors between 3 and 6 times a night. Waking, screaming for mama but not wanting either myself or Jason to hold, touch or help him in any way. This is hard. This is so emotionally hard. My heart is so broken, knowing he needs to work through this on his own.

He is eating great, playing great and will go with either one of us when wake and going about his day. He is actually pretty funny and loves to play with Miss Diva. His laugh is so funny and I love it.

 Playing a fishing game with Miss Diva Christmas morning. They loved this game and I loved seeing them play together and building a bond. makes this mamas heart so happy.
 When weeman is screaming and we cannot get him to settle, the only thing we know to help him, is water. Water seems to calm him and he loves to play in the tub. He splashes and makes a huge mess but it helps him relax, so this mama is willing to put him in the tub, anytime of the day.
 They were playing together and they got in the laundry basket together. Miss Diva thought it was so much fun pushing him around in the basket.
When we got home, we had very little clothes that actually fit him. He is 21 months, fitting in 12 month clothing. I had to go shopping and buy a few outfits because everything we have is to big and way to long. He has very short legs and a big belly. So darn cute.

Dru was suppose to go to McMaster on Friday but we had to cancel because he was not  feeling well, running a fever. Now he goes down to see the Plastic surgeon on January 23. February 4 to see the rest of the cleft team. Tomorrow, January 12, is to see our family doctor, to talk about immunizations and all that fun stuff. We have a busy few weeks coming for sure.

Madisyn is doing okay. Going back to school was a little hard. She has been with us for four weeks straight. 2 weeks in China and then out for the Christmas holidays. She didnt want to leave him. The first thing she does when she gets home, is to find her brother and give him a kiss. How cute is that!I am glad she is getting back into routine and now we have to try and figure out a time for swimming lessons.

Overall, we are doing okay! Things could be a lot worse but we are trying some new things to help him. Massages, chiropractor and lavender night balms to help him relax. We will get through this!

Saturday, December 27, 2014


We were playing outside one day, trying to keep ourselves awake so we can get back on this time zone. We are all so jet legged. I can't seem to stay awake past 7:30. Miss Diva and weeman seem to be doing better then us old folks.

Weeman loves outside, he isn't so sure about all the clothing he is wearing and he isn't a fan of hats. He is so short, he is about 2 inches shorter than what Miss Diva was coming home but his temper sure makes up for it.

I think he was a little spoiled in china. If we tell him he needs to come or wait a sec or if his water is all gone, he squeezes his fists and starts shaking.

He is doing very well. He is eating well and every night, sleeping is getting better. Most night though, he cries for mama in his sleep and pulls on the blankets and cries. My heart is so bruised and broken, that I cry for him. He misses Zhangjiagang CWI, he was their treasure and I know he is greatly missed there.

We had all our decorations and wrapping done before we left. It just doesn't seem like Christmas this year. In China, they don't celebrate Christmas, so the built up to the big day was missing. Coming home to no snow hasn't help and we are to tired to enjoy going anywhere.

We had a quite day home with just the four of us and it was nice to take our time and open presents. Weeman got it quickly and was so happy with his new toys.

Miss Diva was very excited about Santa coming. She could hardly wait to leave cookies and milk and go to bed.

One of my daycare parents delivered this arrangement for us. it's so nice to have people think of you. In my field, most people seem greedy or something. Drives me a little crazy somedays.

I think this is beautiful!


 The kids stockings. I couldn't find a stocking to make with Miss Diva's M on it, so I got Y for Yan Yan. her Chinese nickname.

She was so excited to see that santa had already been to our house and he knew that she loves hello Kitty.

 He opened this stuffed monster, and smiled and cuddled it. He is so sweet, I am so glad we get to parent him.
                                        She was thrilled to get Frozen jewelry
                        playing on his computer.....he played with this for almost an hour
 She loves pete the cat, so we got her the puzzle. She was excited to see this and asked if we could buy some books sometime.
Our Babies.....Wang Feng Yan (Madisyn Feng Yan )
       Zhang Yi Hui (Dru Yi Hui)

Saturday, December 20, 2014


The flight from Beijing to Toronto was a little stressful, weeman doesn't sleep in one spot. He's like a fish out of water, so trying to sleep in our arms wasn't exactly comfortable for him.

Madisyn did wonderful. She did tell me, as we were walking towards immigration at the airport, that her legs felt wobbly. Again, this little girl is amazing. She is such a trooper and never ceases to amaze me. I love this little girl more and more everyday.

So, we found our limo, and was home within and hour. We let the kids play, had a bit to eat , but them in the tub got ready and we all went to bed. We were all awake by 5. I was awake by 3. Jet leg is not my friend!

We are happy to be home. We will laying low and will let people know when we are up to visitors.

Friday, December 19, 2014

On our way to the airport...

Our family will be heading to the airport shortly to welcome the Schraud family home. We cannot wait to meet Dru in person and give them all great big hugs!

I will try and post a few pictures when we get home tonight.

Jan :)

Shopping and Peking Duck Dinner

Today was a very relaxing day, we did some shopping and took naps. Dru and I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon while daddy and Madisyn played games.
In the evening, we went for peking duck dinner with our guide and the other family. We are all very excited to be getting on the plane tomorrow. Tonight I was talking to Dru about going home tomorrow and I could see the confused look. I cannot wait to be home. This trip was hard, tiring and emotionally exhausting.

Pearl Market and New Day Foster Home

Today we went shopping at The Pearl market. I got pearls for me and Madisyn and lots of other things. It was fun! I was going to buy Dru his Jade zodiac sign but Zhangjiagang CWI gave him one. I am still in awe of this place. If there is anyone reading this blog that considering adoption, there is a little girl there waiting for a family. She is well cared for.
After the pearl market, Jason and I hired a driver to take us to New Day Foster Home, just outside Beijing. When we arrived, we were greeted by a gentlemen that works there. Then we waited only to find out the little guy we sponsored for Christmas was returned to his orphanage on Inner Mongolia. I was disappointed. Although, I did get to see some of the children. They were playing outside and having fun. We've been asked not to use names or post pictures. This is an amazing facility and we got to meet some of the people that work there and some of the famous little people I follow on the blog.
So, there are just 2 sleeps and we will be on our way home. Dru is really struggling. He is not doing well with being in small spaces for a long time and cries, screams and hits when he cannot run around and play. We are in for a very fun plane ride home.
I am struggling with being away from home. I am so ready to come home. I've had enough of eggs, bacon and watermelon for breakfast. I am tired of doing laundry by hand in the tub. I am tired of living in a hotel and out of a suitcase. I am really struggling with not getting any video of the moment we received Dru......I am so very very sad. I want to come home and get into a new routine.
Missing my bed and pillow! See you soon

Emotional breakfast...

As an adoptive parent, adopting a child from any circumstances is a huge leap of faith. Adopting a child from a different country is even a bigger leap of faith. 
Myself, I have struggled with, "Is this the right decision" for our family. We've had some negative comments by family when we told them. I don't usually care about what people think but I thought family would be supportive. Anyway, I prayed and asked God to show me that we are in the right place. Show me that this is what I am suppose to be doing and everything is going to be okay. Just needed confirmation!
So, sitting at breakfast, our family was doing our thing in the restaurant, just eating breakfast,minding our own business. Near the end, we were getting ready to leave and Jason said to me, " I would like to finish my coffee." I said okay and proceeded to sit and enjoy the view out the window.
An Asian man, maybe mid 40's approached our table, shook Jason's hand and said" Thank you for making my day with your beautiful family. My blessings." Then he walked away. 
I asked Jason if that was the man from the couple he was talking to in the elevator earlier. Nope, didn't have any idea who this was and have not seen him since! I burst into tears and so did Jason. This type of stuff restores your faith in humanity.
Confirmation is sweet and sometimes emotional. God is Good!