Friday, September 19, 2014


  So today Cathy Murphy called to inform us that Little Man's MRI is enroute to them. Once they receive it, they will send to CHEO in Ottawa to have Dr. Margaret Lawson review it. This always makes me a little nervous. What if something shows in the MRI. Something we feel we can't parent? Just a million things going through our heads right now. Please pray for clarification and that everything will normal with his MRI. Just another step closer to our son.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finding Ad

In China, when a child is found, the local orphanage that is the child is taken too, is required to search for the biological parent. In doing this search the orphanage submits a "finding ad" in the local newspaper.

This is the finding ad that was placed for our son. He does look like the referrals pictures we received. I cannot wait to travel and bring him home. We are so blessed to have these children in our life.

Next, we are waiting the hard copy of this newspaper and ad. Also, we have asked for a update on him and new pictures. I asked if his palate is repaired because in his paperwork, there is conflicting information. We are hoping to get this soon.
Received September 17,2014.
 Love you little man!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Day of SK

She was a little excited to go to school! When she got there, realized the teacher was different, she started crying. We talked about how the teacher was going to be different but the E.C.E was going to be Ms Swart...I guess that didn't matter.

It was great to have 2 of her 3 really good friends with her in the same class. One of them come  here for daycare as well. They go in holding hands and come out holding hands. So sweet!

Vacationing In Newfoundland

 For people who know me, know that I was born in Newfoundland and still have a lot of family there. I don't visit often and will more now that we have kids. I want them to know my mom, who still lives there.

 Apparently I am not a typical newfie. I don't drink alcohol, fish, smoke ,camp and on this trip, I got sea sick on the ferry crossing to the island.

This photo was taken when we got to the Nova Scotia border. Miss Diva is a wonderful traveler. There was no whining, crying, are we there yet, just, mama, I am hungry. She is a wonderful little person and feel are truly blessed.
 We stopped in Nova Scotia. I have family there that I haven't seen for a while. I was anxious to see my one cousin who is going through a hard time right now. She is an amazing person and it kills me to see her hurt like this. I love her dearly!

This was near her house and the scenery is beautiful. It made me realize what a beautiful part of the country I come from.

Jason and I got a kick out of this sign. Just down from this sign there was a restaurant called "Lick a Chick". It's a chicken restaurant obviously but we found it quite funny.

This is the ferry we travelled on. We are sitting in our car, waiting to board the vessel. This boat was packed. I am so glad we rented one of their cabins. It was great having our own space.

Miss Diva playing with her toys on the bed, inside our cabin. It was great! Travelling back, we had a cabin as well. We were crossing during the night time, so in the morning, we got up, had a coffee, and we all had showers in our cabin. it was great. I will never travel to NFLD without having one of these booked for us!

She loved looking out the window. Her words were " this is awesome." As I lay on the bed feeling like I was going to be ill.

They were playing together, she was pretending to give baba a ponytail on the front of his head. I am very blessed to have these two wonderful people in my life.

Me feeling very ill on the ferry crossing.

Miss  Diva was in awe of the mountains once we were finally on the island. She just kept staring and asking questions. I fell back in love with my home this trip. I really miss it!

This is one of the cities..Corner Brook, NFLD!

This is the sign just outside my hometown. Home sweet home for me! Nothing like feeling like you are home.

 Jason and the princess sitting the green bay sign. It was great to finally take her to where mama grew up. She loved visiting there.

Me and the princess on the green bay sign.

My mom....she was so excited to see us. She actually travelled across the island and met us in Port Aux Basques and travelled across the island with us! She was so happy to see Miss Diva.
Us with my cousin....Nadaine who lives in Springdale. She is a wonderful person. Going through a rough time as well. She has my heart and thoughts as well. I love her dearly and pray for peace for her heart everyday!

My mom had a quilt and pillow made for Miss Diva with Hello Kitty on it. Miss Diva loves it. She sleeps with it all the time. She is one well loved girl, that's for sure.

My mom and Miss Diva playing a game on the ipad together. I love seeing them spending quality time together. I know my mom loved it as well.

This is us with my great aunt and uncle. They are getting up there in years and she really wanted to see Miss Diva. She was thrilled to see her and us as well.

The lady in this picture is my Aunt Wanda. She is foolish! I love her dearly. Her and Miss Diva was having a contest to see who could make the more bubbles. Miss Diva feel in love with her. She is so wonderful with kids and Miss Diva felt very comfortable with her. Made this mama's heat smile that's for sure.

Jason and Miss Diva with my cousin Krista and her husband Cheyenne.

Miss Diva and Jason on the O'Briens boat tour to see the puffins and hopefully a whale. I got sea sick on this boat too. Silly newfie I am!

These birds(puffins) are little but fast. It was very hard to get pictures of them. There are thousands of them but fast.

This is the closest we could get to getting a good picture of them. They are very beautiful birds.

We went to St.John's for 2 nights to visit one of the families that travelled to China with us. Miss Diva was so excited to finally see them again. They went swimming in the hotel together and the next day, we went to their house for lunch. We really miss them!

Jason and I totally fell in love with NFLD. So much, we looked at buying a house there. We weren't permitted to take a picture of the house but this is the view from the garage. We are in love. We will see if things work out for us.

Miss Diva and I by the big lobster by the fish and fry hunt close to my mom's house. The fish was delicious.

We will be visiting as soon as we feel that our son is okay with travelling. We miss Newfoundland but not the rainy weather we were experiencing there. We will see you soon everyone!

Friday, August 8, 2014


So, I am not sure what is happening but my posts are being deleted or not staying on my blog. So, I will give you the latest about our journey to Dru  and other family stuff.

So, we haven't really heard much from China, only that Zhang Yi Hui's file has been matched with our family file. Meaning that he is now our son. We are permitted to ask for 1 update, meaning a photo and ask questions. I am trying patiently to wait as long as possible to get the most recent picture and information.

Jason and I are extremely excited but nervous at the same time. I think we are more nervous because we know the things that could go wrong or be worse. Where as the first time we had no idea. Also, traveling that distance with a 5 year old will be hard. Miss Diva is a good traveler but doesn't like being away from home for long. She still asks to come home after being out for 20 minutes. She is dealing with or processing something lately. She has been talking about death and going to heaven and why does that need to happen, why can't we visit Grandpa Brook and did Oma Schraud go to visit Grandpa Brook, And Mama, you have to die to go to heaven. Just lots of stuff happening in her little mind.

Our family is leaving in a week to travel to Newfoundland. I am excited to see family and friends. I have been missing home lately and grieving my home town. The beach I use to go to as a kid, the blueberry picking, the boat rides the quietness and the drama of a small town. I can't wait!

Last, Miss Diva has 1 skating lesson left! Wednesday, she did amazing. Her coaches came to tell me how well she did and they were so thrilled to see her confidence build...I am 1
 proud mama.

I will post soon!

Miss Diva eating a roasted marshmallow at or travel group reunion..we love seeing the kids that came home with us.

Monday, July 21, 2014

social worker visit

So today our social worker came for a visit and went over the paperwork and signed all the necessary pieces. He was shocked that this referral came so fast. We are thrilled and cannot wait to bring our little man home. One step closer to getting him home.

Jason and I cannot believe we are returning to China and going to fall in love with a little man and leaving another piece of our hearts there.

We know that his biological family had made a very hard decision. I pray for this family everyday in hopes that they will somehow know how much he will be loved and cherished.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


With all the documents and information they have on our son Zhang Yi Hui......he was so happy to have his picture taken for this reason.