Friday, October 24, 2014

Look what we have.....LSC(letter seeking confirmation)

Yesterday(Thursday October23,2014) I walked the daycare kids to school,only to come home and find that I missed the Purolator guy. I was a little sad, these were our travel documents.

I called the Purolator depot to see if there was anything they could do. I told them that these were important documents for our adoption and I need them today. The lady, Donna, said she would have him paged but couldn't promise anything.

I waited all morning and round 11:30, she called and said he was in Guelph, was busy and didn't know if he would make it back in time.

1:17, there was a knock at the door and it was him. I told him that I could kiss him for making it back and thank you so much. There are still wonderful people in this world, despite the violence we see. Thank you to Purolator!

I wouldn't open the envelope until Jason arrived home. it was killing me but I waited. I am so excited!

Our LSC(letter of seeking confirmation) We had signed and accepted Zhang Yi Hui as our son and have the Purolator take this  to The Children's Bridge.

Then we need to wait for confirmation of our hotels and our in country flights are booked and we can book our flights to Beijing China.

Our tentative date for leaving is December 5,2014.

                              Me signing the LSC

Jason signing the LSC

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Welcoming Dru!

Since this was a welcoming shower and Dru isn't a infant, we decided to go with a toddler theme for the shower. I think it was a very cute choice and happy with it.

 Me with the presents. This little monkey got spoiled tonight and I so thank you for friends and the members of my family that came out to show their support.
                                                                little monkey...
                        favours that I had made. I know a lot of peole were saying I wasn't suppose to be doing anything but I wanted to be involved.

                                The super cute.... I think this is fitting for the event
 My friend, Michelle made Dru this quilt. It has little creatures driving the machines...too cute. Thank you so much!
                                                playing a game...this was a very fun game
                                                        me cutting the cake
                                                                    Dru's stash

Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanksgiving day weekend..Brantford Zoo

Quite a while ago, I had purchased a wagjag for Brantford twin Valley Zoo. So, on Saturday we decided to go. I am so glad we did! It's not huge like Toronto, we got to see all the animals and wasn't exhausted by the end of the day.

 For anyone who knows miss diva,  seeing her pet this goat is a huge step for her. She is slow to warm up and very cautious of animals. This made me smile and so proud of her.

 This monkey was so funny. Jason would smile at him and he would smile back. Jason would lick out his tongue, and he would lick out his. Miss Diva thought is was so funny that they were copying each other. lol

 Miss Diva loved the parrots. The blue one kept saying "hi" to her. When she would walk away, he would yell "help". lol
                                                                        baby deer

 The next few pictures was a show they had there. They talked about 4 animals and we could touch 3 of them. Miss diva touched the hedge hog and was proud. They had a snake and she wanted to touch it so bad but was so scared.

                                                                  snapping turtle
                                                         snowball the hedge hog
                                                love this pic...looks almost fake

Stockholmz farms

Since we knew miss diva's surgery is going to be the week her class is going to the pumpkin patch, we decided, with friends to take the kids to the same one. She wasn't so sure about the whole thing until she saw her little friend running along and playing.

She decided she wanted to have her picture taken beside the scarecrow. After, she inspected him and made sure he was"okay".

Zachary on the back hole

Mama and miss diva along with baba and friends on the wagon ride.

playing on the tires. She thought this was a lot of fun.

Helping baba move our pumpkins around while we searched for little pumpkins. The little ones we brought home and had the daycare kids paint them.

They were working together to move this bale of hay to Zachary's car. They were giggling, dropping and falling all over this thing. They had so much fun together.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pretty Princess....

This little girl, makes me such a proud mama. She is amazing in every way. Her teachers at school has told us she is very helpful in the classroom. Very nice to her friends and also very quite.

She is an awesome little girl and somedays, I wish I could pick up the phone and call China and let them know how she is doing. What a wonderful little person she really is.

Love you princess!

                      so beautiful. Wang Feng Yan

pretty princess!

Dru's Package

Today we sent our package for Dru to our agency. They will have the letter inside translated and ship it to his orphanage. Let's pray that he get's it. Miss Diva got her package, so let's hope that he receives his as well.

                                                                   the stuff inside
                A photo album with his family inside. Pictures of me, Jason and Miss Diva.
 Miss Diva had picked this dog out for him while we were in Newfoundland and asked if we could send it to him.
 Every little boy needs hot wheels to play with. We will bring some of these with us as well.
And last, a little nap sack, to hold his only possessions until we travel to bring him home.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MRI Results

So his results are in and everything is normal. We are very relieved that's for sure. Now,it's to get his package in the mail and wait for a travel date.

We are also waiting for a date for Madisyn's next surgery. This is a little scary but needs to be done before travel.

Patiently waiting....