Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pretty Princess....

This little girl, makes me such a proud mama. She is amazing in every way. Her teachers at school has told us she is very helpful in the classroom. Very nice to her friends and also very quite.

She is an awesome little girl and somedays, I wish I could pick up the phone and call China and let them know how she is doing. What a wonderful little person she really is.

Love you princess!

                      so beautiful. Wang Feng Yan

pretty princess!

Dru's Package

Today we sent our package for Dru to our agency. They will have the letter inside translated and ship it to his orphanage. Let's pray that he get's it. Miss Diva got her package, so let's hope that he receives his as well.

                                                                   the stuff inside
                A photo album with his family inside. Pictures of me, Jason and Miss Diva.
 Miss Diva had picked this dog out for him while we were in Newfoundland and asked if we could send it to him.
 Every little boy needs hot wheels to play with. We will bring some of these with us as well.
And last, a little nap sack, to hold his only possessions until we travel to bring him home.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MRI Results

So his results are in and everything is normal. We are very relieved that's for sure. Now,it's to get his package in the mail and wait for a travel date.

We are also waiting for a date for Madisyn's next surgery. This is a little scary but needs to be done before travel.

Patiently waiting....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Pictures of Zhang Yi Hui

The update information we received was height 75 cm
                                                                  weight 12.5 kg
                                                                  chest 49cm
                                                                  head 47cm
                                                                  foot 12 cm
                                                                   9 teeth
he can walk, hold toys , take biscuits to eat. Palate was repaired December 21,2013. He has 2 nicknames Hui Hui and Tai Lang. Which he responds to both.


Friday, September 19, 2014


  So today Cathy Murphy called to inform us that Little Man's MRI is enroute to them. Once they receive it, they will send to CHEO in Ottawa to have Dr. Margaret Lawson review it. This always makes me a little nervous. What if something shows in the MRI. Something we feel we can't parent? Just a million things going through our heads right now. Please pray for clarification and that everything will normal with his MRI. Just another step closer to our son.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finding Ad

In China, when a child is found, the local orphanage that is the child is taken too, is required to search for the biological parent. In doing this search the orphanage submits a "finding ad" in the local newspaper.

This is the finding ad that was placed for our son. He does look like the referrals pictures we received. I cannot wait to travel and bring him home. We are so blessed to have these children in our life.

Next, we are waiting the hard copy of this newspaper and ad. Also, we have asked for a update on him and new pictures. I asked if his palate is repaired because in his paperwork, there is conflicting information. We are hoping to get this soon.
Received September 17,2014.
 Love you little man!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Day of SK

She was a little excited to go to school! When she got there, realized the teacher was different, she started crying. We talked about how the teacher was going to be different but the E.C.E was going to be Ms Swart...I guess that didn't matter.

It was great to have 2 of her 3 really good friends with her in the same class. One of them come  here for daycare as well. They go in holding hands and come out holding hands. So sweet!