Sunday, August 23, 2015

17 years married

This weekend, Jason and I celebrated 17 years married. This is awesome and I love him more then I did that day, but will never love him as much as the next years to come.

Have we had it easy? Yes and No.

Our relationship has always been strong, we have a very good line of communication. We love to sit and chat about what is happening in the life we are living. The fears we face, the adventures we would love to do together and especially talking about our babies. They are our world.

We struggled for years with infertility. This was a hard place for us. We exhausted all our resources until one day I was shown where God wanted us to be. Oh so clearly. We struggled with the cost of the adoptions but the bank as lots! Thank you CIBC! Would I do this road again? Absolutely! The only thing I would change is the waiting. I think I would not have done the IVF's and all that but went to adoption first. I guess it's a process you need to go through, to be with the child you are meant to parent.

Jason and I have been, done and seen a lot of things. My favorite is obviously going to China. I am in love with this country, the culture, the smells, the food, the sounds, the language. Everything except for the spitting I am in love with. I love my children's homeland and patiently waiting until we can return.We also love to spend time doing road trips. Another was Chicago. Loved Oprah,solider field, the bean. Most of all spending time with our little family!

Jason and I have been through some hard times with family. Being accused of things I would never dream of doing. I am seeking help with this because it's making me hate people. Which that is not me. I also do it because I am the one that is beating myself up about people who assume they know but have no idea. Will they ask?No! Why because we are an easy target. It's like I am on welfare driving fancy cars and living is a huge house...not the case. God knows the truth, we know the truth and they are missing out. Do I care? yes, but am I going to worry, No!Losing our grandparents has been rough. I miss my nanna and poppa so much. I wish everyday they could see my kids. One day! I miss grandpa Brook. Loved listening to him talk about places he as been and things he as seen. he was a very smart man and I loved listening to his wisdom. Miss you guys!

Jason and I have decided to take the kids to Florida in March. We are so excited. Miss Diva and I are going to Disney. I am more excited then she is....She is happy to just stay home and enjoy home.We have rented a house and going. I cannot wait. Here we come Mickey

Here's to another 17 years, hopefully somethings change but if not. Oh Well, I am going to be a happy lady with the little family and life I have. I am happy to be alive, happy and healthy.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

9 months is that possible?

Dru has been home for nine months......ALREADY.It seems like we just stepped of that plane. He is settling in well and I am loving in love with this boy....such a funny boy
The day we received heart was so full. Thank you God for all my blessings...
Precious baby boy!

We are thrilled to have this little guy as our son. He is such a ham and make us laugh everyday!

Love you Zhang Yi Hui...Dru Yi Hui Schraud

Monday, June 29, 2015


Lately, we have asking Miss Diva to do little chores around the house. Make her bed, put her laundry away, easy peasy things like that. She is not a fan!

On Saturday, I asked her to do the is the conversation we had

Me: Madisyn, here is your sock and underwear,  could you put them in your drawers please.
Madisyn: agh man!
Me: oh, also, when you are done, you bed still needs to be made, please.
Madisyn: man, you are treating me like Cinderella.

Jason and I were doing the dishes, we laughed so! She is so hard done by. Poor girlie....

Makes me giggle....

here is a picture of your Cinderella

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

6th Birthday...all ready

 The theme for the party was "going on a safari." I had little safari hats for the kids to wear, vines hanging around the house and we had Little Rays Reptiles come. The entire group of kids and parents had a great time.
Miss Diva with one of her little friends from school. So wonderful to see her make connections and build little relationships. I love her so much.
Little Rays pulling into the drive....Miss Diva was so excited....
listening patiently...the children all got to touch if they wanted too...what a neat experience.
Mrs. Toad

I was so surprised that she agreed to touch any of these animals. She never ceases to amaze.
Happy Birthday my sweet little girl. Mama, Baba and Hui Hui love you to the moon and back.
Look at all the special gifts she got...blessed little girl!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

years home in Canada

Yesterday, I realized that Miss Diva was home in Canada 4 years...4 years already. It seems like yesterday that we walked down to Sheraton elevator and around the corner and there she was standing with her nanny.

The kids dates are somewhat the same...we left to travel for Miss Diva May 5 2011, received her on May 8 2011, returned home to Canada, May19 2011. Mr Jiggles (new name baba calls him) we left for him on December 5 2014, received him on December 8 2014, returned home December 19 2014.

We are so proud of this little girl. She is so brave and strong. She makes me smile everyday! We love her so much and so glad we get to parent her.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5 months home

5 months home today and I can see huge changes in our boy! He has grown almost 2 inches within this time. It's crazy! He no longer hoards food but takes his time and will pass on things he isn't so fussy about. He can be a little stinker when he wants to be. Like pulling mama's ponytail and running and hiding. Then giggles when I see him.

He is getting content to go to sleep by himself. This is just starting with his nap in the afternoons. I am falling in love with this little boy! Attachment for is us has been hard. He prefers baba over me anytime, that's okay.

He loves his jie jie! He looks for her when she is not at home. he will go to her room and sit on the floor, wondering where she is. She loves him too. We are so blessed.

he loves to play and enjoy the backyard. I love our backyard too. It is huge with lots of room to run around and have fun. He screams and cries when it's time to come for dinner.

He has been enjoying the water table with this nice warm weather. I think this is what he is use too. The cold weather would crack his little cheeks until the bleed, even if I put Vaseline on them.
His love for food is amazing. he loves yogurt and almond milk. He is an amazing little boy!

I wish I could sent his china family pictures, just so they know he is okay. We have been sending emails to his orphanage every month. I hope they are getting them.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Four Years Today

Four years today, we walked out of this airport in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. We new that we would meeting our daughter sometime that day but not within the next 2 hours. Our guide got a call from the orphanage director as we were being delivered to the Sheraton Hotel, that Wang Feng Yan would be arriving within the next hour.

This was when I finally peeled her of her nanny. I was so heart broken but didn't want her to see me cry...she was so brave and loud. I had fallen so in love with the little girl I had  pictures of for 6 months

She patiently waited with the orphanage director for her mama and baba. She had no idea what was going to happen to her world. She was curious about were she was and what the fuss was all about. The fuss was her, the most important little person in our lives.

She was so brave!

Our first family picture as a family of three

Then she shut down and fell asleep. We went back to our hotel room and let her sleep. Then she woke and we played. I will never forget this day!

Happy Forever Family Day Yan Yan! We Love You!