Sunday, April 19, 2015

4 months already?

Sometimes we sit and think! It feels like weeman has been in our family for a very long time. But there are everyday obstacles that reminds us that he is still so very new to our family.

Today is four months that we landed at the airport in Toronto. Ready to be home forever with our new son and our amazing little princess. Did I ever mention what a wonderful traveler she is? I think I am still in awe of her. She is amazing!

Today, we hung out at home! Played with weeman's new toys from his birthday party and spent quality time together. I love my little family and so glad that our son is settling in nicely.

4 months home and lovin' the outside.

Birthday party for weeman

We celebrated weeman's birthday just a little later. I needed more time to wrap my head around it and last weekend we had 2 birthdays to help celebrate.

I kept it low key, so I thought! but it was over stimulating for him. We found that out during the night last night. He was crying out for mama and talking, kicking the wall and just very restless.

I like to make things by myself. I love crafts, so I made his birthday sign for the gate going to our backyard.

I also really enjoy baking. I find that this is a stress reliever for me. So I decided that I would make cupcakes instead of a cake this year. I liked the car candy 
The kids playing in the backyard. The little girl in the purple is the girl that was adopted at the same time as weeman. She is a sweetheart and we love her. She and Miss Diva really enjoys playing together. She was sad when miss diva had to leave and go to dance.


miss diva and one of her daycare friends playing on the swings together. They had a wonderful time in the backyard and the weather was beautiful. I love the sunshine!

my cousin's little guy, karter! He was so upset that he got cake and icing on his fingers! Weeman does the same mad face when he doesn't get what he wants.
Weeman opening his gift from Ronald. He loves stuffies and this horse is just as big as what he is. He is trying to sleep with it at night but it's to big. He loves it though!
Sitting on the ground with his loot!He is such a ham! Jason and I feel so very blessed to be parenting this 2 wonderful children. We are so very thankful!

Happy Birthday my sweet little man! Mama, Baba and Jie Jie loves you to the moon and back.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weeman's 2sd birthday

                            He loves to look and be read too. This makes me a happy mama.

 Our little boy turned 2 today. I am so thrilled to be parenting this little boy. he is such a little ham.he thought his birthday cake I made for him to share with his daycare friends was pretty cool.

On the other side of the world, I know there is a grieving mother. The decision she made was a very difficult one. This day must be a very hard one for her but I hope that some how she knows that he is loved and cared for. Thinking of you china mama.....

Easter part 2

The easter bunny came in through the back door. You should have heard the squeals coming from Miss diva when she saw the footprints on the floor. She was so excited. I love my babies so much.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter part 1

I started of easter with baking...making muffins, and sugar cookies for the school but then realized I put almond milk in the we had to keep them at home.

 Then we went to the easter hunt at Bingemans on Friday morning with the kids. They had fun and was tired by 10:30. There were a lot people and I had to leave.
 Then Saturday morning, we did the easter egg hunt at Joseph Schneider house. I like this one because if your kids get 1 or 50 eggs, they all get the same bag of treats.
 It took weeman a little while to get the hang of it but eventually he did. He thought it was great!

 Miss Diva running off to collect as many eggs as possible...she loves this too. They have so much fun here.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Doing Better

  This past weeks have been challenging for me as a mom. Questioning my parenting and why things have to be a certain way. I love my kids dearly, I feel complete but there are days that I feel like a awful person. There are people in this world that just likes to stir the pot and make accusations that are false. This has been hurting me, making me depressed and feeling sad. I have promised to myself, to stop this. I know the truth, I know I am a person with a good heart, I would never intentionally hurt people. I love my life and my family and if people have a problem with our family, then stay away! I am done with this nonsense and I am moving forward.

I miss my mom! I wish many times she was here to just sit with weeman when having to take miss diva to the hospital @ 9:30 at night or just be a grandma and take her for a walk, or read stories! I miss this for my kids. They are growing up not knowing what having grandparents is all about. I love my grandparents so much...I miss them more then I ever thought was humanly possible. They were wonderful...

Jason and I have been spending lots of time with the kids doing fun things. Life home with my kids is amazing and I am glad I get to spend the entire day with weeman. He is getting more words, being silly with his little friend and overall, settling into our family.

Miss Diva is my princess...she makes my heart skip a beat every time I see her run through the school doors , towards me.....her mom.. I am blessed. She is so beautiful and someday she will be a beautiful woman. I love these kids so much...they are my world....thank you Canadian government and China government for working together to make international adoptions happen.

Thank you  Jason, Madisyn and Dru for loving mama!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

3 months ago

3 months ago we walked of a plane , very tired and excited! Tired from the 13 hour plane ride and excited to be on Canadian soil. I missed home! This trip seemed to be harder for us. I am not sure why but emotionally, physically and mentally , Jason and I were drained. We prayed that no one would be at the airport to meet us. We just want to get in that Limo and be escorted home.

We love having our son home. He is a funny little guy. We are seeing more and more of his silly side everyday. He loves to walk around with his hands behind his back. Little old He loves to play with trains, planes and automobiles. He loves his mei mei and his baba. He is starting to come to me more and more. Especially if I have

left the house and returns, he will meet me @ the gate, wanting hugs. I am falling in love!

I cannot wait to see how he grows. He is smart and quick!

I am one blessed mama!