Thursday, March 19, 2015

3 months ago

3 months ago we walked of a plane , very tired and excited! Tired from the 13 hour plane ride and excited to be on Canadian soil. I missed home! This trip seemed to be harder for us. I am not sure why but emotionally, physically and mentally , Jason and I were drained. We prayed that no one would be at the airport to meet us. We just want to get in that Limo and be escorted home.

We love having our son home. He is a funny little guy. We are seeing more and more of his silly side everyday. He loves to walk around with his hands behind his back. Little old He loves to play with trains, planes and automobiles. He loves his mei mei and his baba. He is starting to come to me more and more. Especially if I have

left the house and returns, he will meet me @ the gate, wanting hugs. I am falling in love!

I cannot wait to see how he grows. He is smart and quick!

I am one blessed mama!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mixed Emotions

So we've been home almost three seems like a life time ago. I miss China. Miss Diva comments daily about how she is missing China and wants to go back. How is it so easy to love a country so much? Is it because we love different cultures and people, it could be the food and we have met some wonderful people over there. I also know it is special because our kids have family there. It's their homeland. We all miss China so much! I wish money wasn't a issue...I would go back more often.

I am super excited that Miss Diva's surgery was a success. Her speech pathologist comments on how well she is doing! No thanks to the CCAC. They sent home paperwork June last year, to have this in place for September. Well she still hasn't gotten any speech therapy from them....waste of time in my opinion. She is a wonderful little girl and I am so glad to parent her. I get to be her mama, what a privilege!

Disappointed with the results of Dru's surgery is an understatement. I worry about feeding this kid anything. They cannot do anything to repair his palate until June. I am patiently waiting for the phone to ring with that surgery date.

Jason is home right now, on parental leave. We are so fortunate with all the doctor, dentist and medical appointments he would be fired! lol, I feel "spread thin". Sometimes depression is a thought but then I realize I am strong and just keep pushing on. We will make it. I have support from my mom, Jason and Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Peter and that's all I need. Friends that have been there and done that are wonderful too.

Soon it will be summer, looking forward to seeing my mom, spending time at the beach and having fun.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Friday Appointment with Mac

We met with the surgeon on Friday afternoon to discuss what will happen from here. Dr Strumas examined Dru and was shocked by how strong this little boy was. He has to get a tongue depressor and use 2 hands and a lot of force to get his mouth open. He then cried really hard...poor boy has had some many people in his little mouth lately.

They are disappointed that this has happened but it happens! The thought is that the stitches attached itself to a blood cloth, so when it disappeared, the stitches had nothing to hold on too. They cannot do anything right now. Dr. Strumas said it would be like putting a hot knife in butter. So, we need to wait for this to heal and then try again. The earliest it will be is in June.  We are permitted to get him on a regular diet but trying to avoid hard things.

I am so worried. What if it continues to separate? I am so sad that he will need another surgery soon. Wow! I thought this was going to be a breeze because we have been down this road before and, his cleft palate seemed not as wide as Miss Diva's.

Oh well, I am going to try and enjoy March Break with my princess at home.

just hanging out in the laundry basket

 mama giving him his first tattoo, he thought it was great! He was getting a sticker on his arm like mei mei.
                                                                 playing together!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back To Mac

Saturday evening I knew something wasn't right with weeman. He wasn't able to go longer then 3 hours without pain meds and he was doing 4-6 while still in the hospital. During dinner that night, I noticed there was little blood coming out his nose. Jason had said it was doing that at the hospital and not to worry. I worry about my kids! All day sunday, we saw no blood, he was still needing the pain meds but playing, eating, drinking and being a happy boy. Sunday had gotten a lot worse. We couldn't get him to drink or eat anything. Finally I pureed watermelon and got some liquids into him, so I thought. He spit it out and there was a lot of blood. I quickly got him out of the chair and tilted his head back, and sure enough, there is a huge hole in his palate!

I didn't know what to do! I picked up the phone and called McMaster and got to chat with the surgeon on call. She asked us to try and keep him comfortable at home with pain meds until Monday, we chat with the plastic surgeon,

but if not bring him back and we will get him on pain meds there. I have been able to keep him pain free for right now.

Dr Strumas called Monday early afternoon and we chatted. He is a little concerned but not worried because it's weeman's soft palate and not the hard palate. He is going to see him tomorrow at 1:30 and we will decide what happens from here. I am hoping it's next week that this gets repaired. My nerves are just about to be frazzled more than I can handle.

I hope this works and he doesn't need more surgery for a few years.

I will post when I know more.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dru's palate repair

Wednesday, March 4th , Weeman had his palate repaired. I was so nervous because he would start screaming everytime he saw someone come near him in scrubs. I walked him into the OR, cried until they told me he was out and they walked out. My heart shattered! This was not going to help with our attachment!

The surgery was 2.5 hours long and I was driving myself crazy staring at the clock in the family waiting home. Finally, I asked Jason to go with me to the gift shop to buy Weeman a stuffy. I had to get out of that room.

Finally Dr, Stramus came to chat with. Miss Diva was so funny! She walked right up to him and said "give me back my brother." Everything went well. I was going to be permitted to go in recovery within the next 10 mins. I couldn't wait to hold him in my arms. I walked through the recovery room doors and there he was, all cuddled in the corner of this very long bed. I crawled into bed with him and held him until it hurt. My heart was so hurting and kind of felt guilty for "hurting" my son. The nurse caring for him told me his oxygen was low so they were going to put him on oxygen and his rate was really high. I was so worried about him. The nurse increased his fluids and his heart started to come down. He continued to have oxygen for the next 24 hours.

Once we got upstairs, he started to wake more and wanted snuggles, food and things to drink. He was eating ice cream, apple sauce, pudding and lots of water. I was so happy because miss diva was 2 days before she would let us anywhere near her mouth.This was awesome!

Weeman came home on Friday morning with ear drops and pain meds and doing well.  He is eating okay but could be a little better. He is starting to act like his old self and I worrying less. Glad to have my little man home.

Thank you Cleft Team @ McMaster hospital you are amazing!

              Weeman is home with his no- no's and he actually doesn't mind them to much

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2 months home

It's hard to believe we have been home only 2 months. It feels like he has been with us forever. He is doing really well. We finally found a sleep routine that is working and he sleeps until 6-6:30 am. Then I hear him callin' "ma ma." Such a sweet sound to wake too.

His eating is mind blowing...the amount of food he is eating is like a grown man. I think this a form of hording....we feed him on demand until he realizes, there will be plenty. He loves his almond milk as well.

We are all in love with this little boy. He still screams a little when he doesn't get his own way, but he just lost all control of his life, so I am trying to be very patient.....sometimes, though, it's not working.

No matter the hill, we will climb it together...

The kids love to play with their baba. Miss Diva is loving the fact that baba is home all day everyday, for right now. It will be a very sad day when he has to return to work.

Playing on the floor, climbing and tickling is a everyday occurance in our home. I love the little snuggles and the sloppy, drooly kisses. Love changes everything.

Family day was just that! We hung out at home, played with some new toys, watched The Magic School Bus and apparently me and miss Diva took a little snooze. Life cannot get better then this girl to pieces,

The kids love hanging out and playing together. I hope they will always have time for each other. They are doing ring-around- the rosie here. Weeman loves his Mei Mei and we are happy they are creating memories and lovin' life with me and Jason.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Miss Diva recovering from p-flap surgery-

 Miss diva recovering from her p-flap surgery. This little girl is the bravest little girl I have ever known. She walked into the OR with no tears and was brave and stronger than me. I cried when I saw her with blood coming out her mouth and nose. Her face was swollen and marks on her cheeks from her mouth being forced open.One brave little peanut!
Just chillin with her Zippy and I was so happy that I brought soup and pudding with me because no else could get her to drink. I also brought chocolate almond milk and mama got the fluids in her.
feeling a little pain here, she hated asking for medication. she did not like the taste in her mouth. She cried once because she waited to long to tell us it was hurting and the pain got unbearable. I  cannot even imagine the pain.
This was today before she was discharged to come home. We played a my little pony matching game and did some colouring together. She was feeling really good here. We went for lots of walks and even went into the Ronald McDonald room where she made crafts, I had a bowl of soup  and made myself a cup of tea. This hospital is amazing!
At the Ronald McDonald room, she was given a choice of any toy in the baskets. She chose the frozen box of toys. She is playing here with my uncle peter. She calls him poppy peter. Shortly after we were told she could go home.

We are very thankful for skillful doctors and the cleft lip and palate team at McMaster.